what’s a powderskate?


Binding free snowboard primarily used in the park or around town, basically, a skateboard for the snow. 


Snowskates big brother, designed for All-Mountain performance and back country powder. 

Florida Powderkate




a hybrid of a skateboard and a snowboard, intended primarily to allow for skateboard-style tricks on fairly hard packed or groomed snow. there are many types depending on the brand and style of snowskate. powderskates are a variety of snowskates designed to perform, as the name implies, in powder. 



a totally rad type of person that shreds snowskates and embraces the lifestyle of the snowskate revolution. 



what every snow skater dreams of doing all day long.

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Snowskate Blueprint

adam in the gararage

Just like snowboards and surfboards, snowskates come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing one can be daunting because there are so many options and so many parts. We have done our best to break down the basic elements for you on this page, but if you have further questions please email Adam at info@powderskater.com 


  • Single Deck – a.k.a “snurfer’ just a wood plank and grip.
  • Bi-Deck – top deck / bottom deck / trucks
  • 4×4 – four small skis connected to a deck
  • Powderskate – essentially a bi-deck with a larger sub-deck

 Bi-Deck Breakdown: 


  • The Top-Deck (Or Board), 

  • The Sub-Deck (Or Ski), 

  • And The Connection Between The Two Parts, The Trucks.

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the full breakdown

florida powderskate garage

sub-deck (ski)

this is what defines your ride, larger sub-decks generally handle in deeper powder but are harder to control on groomers. florida powderskate sub-decks are designed with Dolphin Geometry® to help you have an epic pow run and carve groomers.


this is the deck you will be standing on. Any skate deck will work, but we recommend something at least 9″ wide and 34″ length for a powderskate. You also need to put grip on your deck, something that grips to your feet but doesn’t allow for snow to build up. Our suggestion, adam’s very own ungi bungi traction

ungi bungi traction
Rocker Trucks


the connection between the top-deck and sub-deck is not something to take lightly. This connection is what make the whole board come alive. Some people like stiffer, some want less, it’s a personal feel and we can’t tell you exactly what is best for you, but we can steer you in the right direction. Adam recommend rocker trucks and they come with our complete packages and are available on our gear page.

a short history

the very first snowboards were essentially a very basic powderskate; planks of wood with a rope attached to the front to hang onto while sledding down a hill standing up. the foundation was set from these primitive roots. over years the sport has grown and branched out in multiple directions. florida powderskates are ‘out on a limb’ on that tree.

ungi recoil testing

other equipment

…ur prolly gonna want a leash.

many hills still have yet to embrace snowskates and ban them on the mountain citing safety concerns. The resorts that do allow snowskates require the use of a leash. Adam designed the ungi bungi leash and ungi bungi traction too.

 Ungi Bungi – rad leashes and traction

Rocker Trucks – the best for your snowskate



if you’re getting stoked on powderskating and want to learn more you may be interested in the materials and technology that goes into building our florida powderskates, let Adam give you a tour of our garage!

florida powderskate


powderskate’s are the natural evolution of the snowskate. while traditional snowskates work great on groomers, they are too small to float above powder. People have designed some great boards for powder too, but most of these are next to impossible to ride on groomers. Adam set out to design something that would work on both, florida powderskate is the answer.   

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