ungi bungi powder

*made in California, ships direct from our garage to you. 

**Please refrain from using dog leashes, ropes or other straps that have not been engineered for safety.

ungi bungi

powder leash


Engineered for bottomless powder, heli tested in Alaska, the Ungi Bungi Powder Leash is designed with Adam’s new float formula. Lightweight hollow core technology minimizes drag, wider coil keeps the leash compact, and longer stretched length decreases the chance of injury from snap-back. There is no better option for binding free surfing in bottomless powder.

This surf-style leash can Velcro around your ankle, arm, or load tested belt. Velcro the other end to your snowskate. Stainless steel swivels on each side so your leash won’t tangle.

  • lighter density 1/4″ hollow core technology floats high above pow
  • increased UV resistance
  • 2 feet in added length, stretches up to 8 feet to minimize injury from snap-back. 
  • Brass Swivels on both ends keeps leash tangle free
  • double velcro enclosed loops for your personal/board attachment
  • made in california


Ungi Bungi Powder Leash

Ungi bungi

Powder Leash

            Deep Carves.

  Bottomless Powder.

   Untracked Terrain.



ungi bungi leash by florida powderskate

ungi bungi classic leash

7 years of proven product performance, the Ungi Bungi Classic is OG. Still the best option for all-mountain snowskating with tighter coil and less length perfect for tackling the park, flying down groomers and all around binding-less mayhem!

ungi bungi traction

ungi bungi traction

the best binding free snow traction available. lightweight, closed cell EVA foam specially formulated for all mountain traction. very high bond (VHB) adhesive guarentees permanent placement on your board. get a grip.

more time riding, less time digging out your ride!

ungi bungi