ungi bungi bolts

Ungi Bungi Bolts

ungi bungi



you gotta connect your board and your trucks somehow. use the bungi bolts to secure your ride.  Made from aircraft grade stainless steel for lasting security.

We recommend using anti seize when assembling hardware components.

  • 304 stainless steel 6mm 
  • 8 bolts
  • 8 nylock nuts  
  • 10 mm wrench and #2 phillips drive required.

Nuts & Bolts


A bolt’s utility is not determined simply by whether it fits into a hole, but rather a series of particular specifications: type of bolt, physical dimensions, thread density, forming material, and tightening requirements.

The greater the torque, or turning force, the greater the pressure pulling the nut forward along the threads. This in turn creates tension in the bolt and a clamping force that presses the two components together. A higher number or a denser arrangement of threads can strengthen the joint.