florida technology

Adam takes a minimal approach to designs and layups. He has a focus on performance and durability and hand selects his materials with an environmental conscience. Adam’s shapes are designed to carve long lines and flow over any terrain, especially powder.

rocker where you want it.

Camber where you need it.

dolphin geometry

Our signature hybrid camber is a design based off mother nature. Dolphin Geometry® is a combination of regular and reverse camber that is proven to excel in powder and provide control on piste.


wood core

Every florida powderskate and snowboard have a 100% hand-crafted poplar wood cores. Adam finds this to be the best for the environment and performance. An alternative to industry standard plastic designs, our solid wood cores extend the full length of the board to provide optimum flex and dampening capabilities for a smooth and lively feel on the mountain.

wrapped edges

We hand wrap our edges to match our dolphin geometry®  sidecuts. This edging process takes time, but it’s worth it. Fully wrapped steel edges increase durability and are more likely to hold that edge in case you find yourself in icy conditions.

capped edges

cap construction

An alternative to industry standard plastic side walls, cap construction has an organic feel and is historically found on Adam’s favorite boards.  Triax fiberglass wraps the board’s core connecting the top and bottom layers providing enhanced torsional and  longitudinal stiffness so you have maximum hold when you carve pow. The aesthetic looks killer as well.

epoxy resins

Stronger, lighter, faster than before…Adam selects high quality epoxy resins in conjunction with triax fiberglass sheets providing optimal torsion control and quicker response. At times we get creative with our custom orders and mix psychedelic batches of resin color swirls just to add a couple extra pieces of flare. 

florida powderskate resin
florida press

the florida press

Adam designed this press and had it custom fabricated to fit our unique templates. Our templates are pressed between fire grade hose and heated in  a vacuum to reduce any chance of air bubbles. The end result, high quality craftsmanship that will perform and last. 

hand-made perfection

well, almost… 

florida powderskates and snowboards are each made to order. The end result is a high quality powder shredding vehicle, but there will be minor imperfections, or as the Japanese call it wabi-sabi.  

florida workbench

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