rocker trucks ‘tall boys’

Tall Boys by Rocker Trucks

tall boys

by rocker trucks



by Rocker Trucks
Rise above the competition with the all new Tall Boys!

2.25 Inches Tall, the increased leverage provided will give you that extra edge you’ve been searching for.

Anodized aluminum.

2.25 Inches Tall

10.9 grade M6 axles

3 inches wide base plates for 1.625″ and 1.25″ hole pattern.

4 inches wide base plates for 3.5″ and 1.625″ hole pattern. 

rocker trucks are made of anodized finished aluminum and stainless steel hardware. guaranteed to improve the performance of all snowskates. adjustable mounting option for ski tuning.

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1/4" risers by Rocker Trucks

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1/4 Inch Height in case you still want more height along with your Tall Boys, or if you just want to add some extra height to your current rocker trucks.

Ungi Bungi Bolts

Ungi Bungi Bolts

you gotta connect your board to your tucks somehow! These stainless steel bolts are the best option to secure your ride. Ungi Fungi bolts are compatible with all rocker trucks.

Ungi Bungi Traction

Ungi Bungi Traction

the best binding free snow traction available. lightweight, closed cell EVA foam specially formulated for all mountain traction. very high bond (VHB) adhesive guarentees permanent placement on your board. get a grip.