rocker trucks ‘risers’

*made in California, ships direct from our garage to you. 


a.k.a. 'spacers'

1/8″  $10.5    5/16″  $15

risers aka ‘spacers‘ provide increased leverage and improved edge control.

holes/outline compatible with all rocker trucks.

sold as a PAIR made of UHMW PE and Other from snowboard trash.

Colors varied.

two heights available

  • 1/8 inch thickness
  • 5/16 inch thickness
  • 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch thick OR 
  • compatible with all rocker trucks
  • includes nuts
  • includes bolts
  • Made in the USA

rocker trucks are made of anodized finished aluminum and stainless steel hardware. guaranteed to improve the performance of all snowskates. adjustable mounting option for ski tuning.

made in the USA


the increased leverage risers provide will give you that extra edge!

these are the risers you're looking for.