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4in Punk Rocker trucks


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The punks are designed with one single hinge truck and one dual hinge truck for the perfect blend of flex on your skate.

The rear truck has a double pivot (2nd axle) to allow for unrestricted flex throughout the sub-deck. . punks are the best option for light riders or to add more flex to stiffer sub-decks. Not recommended for oversized riders.

  • Black and blue anodized aluminum.
  • 10.9 grade M6 axles 
  • 3 inches wide base plates for 1.625′ and 1.25′ hole pattern.
  • 4 inches wide base plates for 3.5′ and 1.625′ hole pattern.

rocker trucks are made of anodized finished aluminum and stainless steel hardware. guaranteed to improve the performance of all snowskates. adjustable mounting option for ski tuning.

made in the USA

rocker trucks

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