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For All Mountain Conditions

Snowskate’s for powder. Fly across groomers with edge control. Float high above the bottomless pow. The ultimate vehicle for binding free all Mountain Performance.

florida powderskates


florida powderskate
Powderskates hand-crafted to order


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We Build By Hand

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florida powderskate

We invite you to check out our hand-crafted process. We’re committed to quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and building the best product.

Our garage is located in sunny California and our designs are inspired by surfing and surf culture. Just like surfing, we want to surf powder binding free. 

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What is a Powderskate?

florida powderskate sidehill action for inevitable straightline to the lift line

A powderskate is a binding free snowboard that is made up of three main parts; a sub-deck(ski), riding surface(deck) and trucks that connect them together and enhance stability and performance.  Powderskates maintain control on groomers and excel in fresh pow. 


You've got QUestions, We've got Answers

YES ! Contact adam@powderskater.com to borrow a board. 

OF COURSE ! Hand-crafted to order is what we do best. We make custom shapes, customer materials, customer colors & art. Email adam@powderskater.com to start the conversation.

Why Not. at this point we are a broken record, email adam@powderskater.com